Getting to Know Our Community

We want you to have a fun and safe time dancing with us! And as you get to know our scene, check out our community values and our safe spaces commitment. And of course, join the RDU Blues Facebook group to stay in the know.

And here are some etiquette tips to help you feel at home right away.

Etiquette tips

  • Ask people to dance! You dance more when you ask more, so don’t be shy–go ahead and ask folks to dance. Please ask verbally.
    • Accept “No, thank you” graciously. Sometimes someone doesn’t want to dance with you right at that moment. No big deal. Saying no is perfectly okay, so don’t take it personally if someone says no to you.
  • Accept or decline dances nicely. We encourage you to be enthusiastic about dancing with lots of different people. It’s a great way to have a fun night and expand your skill. But it’s also just fine to politely decline a dance, for any reason at all. Be nice about it, but a polite “No, thank you” is no big deal!
  • Don’t assume dance role. Lots of folks lead sometimes and follow other times, so don’t assume their role based on what they look like. It’s nice to ask your partner which role they would prefer for a given dance.
  • Dance one song with one partner, usually. The tradition in our scene is to dance one song with your partner, then thank them and find a new partner for the next dance. If the song ends and you’d like to dance with the same partner again for the next song, ask them.
  • Practice good floorcraft. It gets crowded at our dances! Be careful not to run into other dancers. If you do, apologize and make sure they are okay.
  • Ask before you do dips or lifts. Small dips and lifts are okay, if you know how to do them safely. But please check with your partner first–some people may have injuries or other reasons to not want to be dipped or lifted.
  • Bring a change of shirt or a towel. It gets hot in our dances, so bring something to refresh yourself when you start to get sweaty. Your future dance partners will thank you.
  • Introduce yourself to new people. We strive to be a welcoming community, so if you are new, please introduce yourself and say hello! And if you’re a regular and you see someone new, be an ambassador for our scene, say hello, and make them feel welcome.

Last edited/checked for accuracy: 03/15/2017