TRBX 2018 DJ Lineup

Neil Benen, New York, NY

Neil cut his eyeteeth on New York City’s blues scene. Once he got a taste of it, he was hooked! His appetite and love for dance music grew, and he began DJing for blues events and, later, fusion. He seeks to create a musical environment that will light up the floor, based on his gut, heart and soul; conversation busters where people stand up and say: “Hey, let’s talk later, I have to dance to this!”

Dave Fuerte, Charleston, SCDave Fuerte

A passionate fan of Blues, Jazz, and Soul, Dave Fuerte has been spinning music for dancers for 5 years. Cultivating and refining his tastes at numerous dance events across the East coast, Dave currently focuses on developing the Blues scene in Charleston, SC through Holy City Blues. He is the principle organizer of the Holy City Blues Exchange.

Callie Gieck, Greenville, SC

Callie has been dancing Lindy Hop and Blues since February, 2015. She loves DJing locally as well as around the world, as it allows her to spread her love and excitement of dance. Able to read the energy of the room, Callie plays the music that will keep you dancing all night!


Suzanne Julian, Durham, NC

Suzanne has been hooked on partner dancing of all kinds since a housemate introduced to to swing dance in 2002. She especially loves the music, cooperation and creativity of blues dance. She’s been DJing since 2009 and is a regular DJ at Dance Blues Friday, where she can usually be seen boogieing shamelessly to her own sets in the DJ booth. Suzanne plays a wide variety of blues genres to get everyone dancing, but she especially loves New Orleans blues, soul-blues, piedmont blues and jazzy blues. We’re please to have her join our DJ lineup at TRBX this year!


Laura Lackey, Raleigh, NC

Laura has been dancing ever since she can remember, though swing and blues didn’t enter her life until later. With Laura’s love for music & dance, DJing came as a natural extension of that love. She has DJed at a variety of venues including many a Piedmont Swing Dance Society dance and even various lindy hop and blues house parties. Ultimately, when it comes to DJing, she loves to choose music that dancers will enjoy & interact with and tries to make each song count.


Alex Medlin, Raleigh, NC

Alex started dancing at young age in the kitchen. She would put on shows for her doll babies and parents, and she had no rhythm. In middle school her mom and she were dancing the South Carolina state dance, Shag, and suddenly she knew how to move to the music in rhythm. In college, she was introduced to the hard drugs of Lindy Hop and Blues on the streets of Charleston, SC, and she has been addicted ever since. Alex started DJing blues locally in Charleston two short years ago, and with support from friends she recently garnered the courage to start DJing at larger events. She currently resides in Raleigh, NC, and without dance the transition from Charleston to Raleigh would have been more difficult. She loves to dance, listen to music, and create playlists with a vast variety of Blues styles that will get the room dancing. No wallflowers allowed. Dance, monkeys, dance!

Dave Warner, Durham, NC

One of North Carolina’s most sought-after blues and fusion DJs, Dave Warner is a regular DJ at blues and fusion dances in Durham, NC, and has been the music coordinator for all five Tobacco Road Blues events. Over the last seven years, Dave has played dance events in New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Denver, Charleston, and Nashville, and he’s a mainstay at events in Virginia Beach. He has built a reputation for keeping late night dances alive, and he constantly goes digging for new releases from veteran performers and emerging artists alike to keep his sounds fresh and keep dancers connected to the music.

Stephen York, Boston, MA

There are times he has been seen stalking across the MIT campus, his
mutterings circling back and again to rhythm, to structure, to any
element he can use to link his obsession back to his shivering
reality. He has heard the world and the smallest bit of what it
offers. His search for more, for anything else he was able to gather
in his flashbulb glimpse has brought him to lead others. Those who
follow him through the murky streets of Boston seek to glean whatever
ghostly tones he will drop in his wake like hard candy: enough to keep
them near, never enough to satisfy or surpass.

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