TRBX 2018 Classes

Class Tracks

On Saturday we’ll have three tracks of classes:

  • Kick it Around — You’re new to blues and want it all! You’re excited about improving your blues dancing and technique, and are working on your pulse, connecting with your partners, and your blues dance repertoire.
  • Roadhouse Regulars — You’ve been dancing blues for awhile now and feel comfortable on the social floor. You’ve taken many drop-in classes, and maybe a local workshop or two. You feel confident in your pulse, grounding, and connection, and you’ve started to dig into the technique that underlies blues dancing.
  • Got My Mojo Workin’ — Blues dancing is a consistent, regular part of your life. You’ve been to progressive classes or traveled to workshops. Your base technique and partner connection are strong, and you’re starting to explore the artistry of blues and develop your own voice. You regularly include close embrace in your social dancing, and you’ve started to experiment with solo dancing.

NOTE: The first hour of class for the Roadhouse Regulars and Got My Mojo Workin’ tracks on Saturday will be a combined class and will incorporate a level check for those wishing to participate in the Got My Mojo Workin’ track. (If you’re interested in the Mojo track, make sure you’re there for the level check!)

ALSO NOTE: The last hour of classes on Sunday, Body Care for Blues Dancers, will be open to all tracks!


Class Schedule:



Class Descriptions:

  • Struttin’ — Come learn the dance that is taking the blues scene by storm! We love this energetic dance, featuring close embrace, interesting partner connection and independent footwork for leads and follows. We’ll get you going on the basics, and give you some variations to keep you dancing happily as the music tempos go up!
  • Mo’ Struttin’ — You’ve got the basic concepts down, now let’s explore more places where you can take your dancing while keeping your strut. We’ll have some challenges for you, so bring your focus and your creativity.

  • Piedmont Triple — Piedmont blues is a lively and intricate musical style, and the dance style that evolved with it is fun, rhythmic, and full of possibility. We’ll introduce you to the basics of this style and show you where it can go. Learning Piedmont Triple will expand your ability to dance to fast blues in general and open up new possibilities in your partnering.

  • Chicago Triple — Get down and settle into the groove with Chicago Triple. This style feels great over a wide range of tempos and is perfect for a lot of music that you hear from live blues bands. We’ll play with digging our feet into the floor for triples, and how to make the dance feel different from other triple-step dances. This class will also cover ways to preserve energy when dancing to more energetic songs.

  • Slow Drag and Savoy Walk — We’ll take our time getting the feeling of these classic idiom dances. What feels great about these and how can you add that delightful subtlety. Buckle in because we’re going to get these dances in your body and feeling great.

  • How to Dance with a Drink in Your Hand — Sometimes we get really caught up into how things look and if we are interesting enough. In this class, we will play with partnering that is comfortable and fun, finding the joy and the playfulness in our dancing. We will also find ways to “not try too hard,” having the unhurried and casual aesthetic of cool. Dance with a partner, party.
  • Dance like it’s a conversation! — “Hi there!” “Hello!” “Hey, check this out?” “Wow, I like that… how about this?” “That’s great!” It’s fantastic when we can learn to listen and respond to our partners. We’ll share some tools for really connecting with your partner and their ideas so that you can have great dances with everyone on the floor!

  • Body Care for Blues Dancers — “Ooh, my body is killing me!” is a refrain we often hear at dance events. Using Franklin Method and other modalities, we will focus on some of the most oft-complained-about spots, giving you exercises to keep your body feeling more in tune. Your body will feel better, and it will show in your dancing. Wear comfy clothing that you can sit on the floor in.